Warehouse Maintenance and Automation

Are you in charge of a warehouse or a storage facility? Well, in that case one should know about the proper warehouse maintenance so he/she can maintain its cleanliness. This is of utmost importance if you want to keep your personnel safe as well as for the right storage of the products.

With e-commerce growing not only in the western countries but more than ever in other regions and our own GCC region, a well-designed and well-planned warehouse or distribution centre is the important factor in any e-commerce business. E-commerce is forcing business to level-up their game and to consider not only how to make their existing facilities more efficient, but to imagine what the warehouse of the future will look like.


You can prevent most workplace hazards by putting the following measures into practice:

Trained Staff:  While in the process of hiring staff for your warehouse facility, it is important to ensure that your staff are certified by a well-known institution In order to use the equipment in the right manner.

Safety equipment and precautions: Ensure safety equipment such as helmets, industrial boots, etc. are used at all times. Make sure the necessary hazard mitigation equipment such as sprinkler system, fire extinguishers, etc. are installed in your warehouses at correct places.

Hygiene and Pest control: Draft a pest control plan. Keep a list on the common pests and measures to control them on a regular basis. This is not only suitable for the FMCG or pharmaceutical industry, but to other items stored in warehouses as well.

Proper maintenance plan: A proper maintenance plan is most viable and compulsory for warehouses. Periodic maintenance can minimize equipment downtime and reduce maintenance costs.



 With the operational duties increase, there is always a high risk of error. To prevent any failure and assure warehouse performance 24/7, there are automated and semi-automated technologies in place. 

Starting from ball decks, roller mats and conveyors to sophisticated IT and machinery such as stacker cranes, warehouse management grants ultimate accuracy and absence of mistake. However, don’t neglect the equipment control and on-time maintenance.

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