During its long history in the business, ALS developed a Training Program which provides a structured training package to train and educate personnel of the Clients in all aspects of the Material Handling Systems and associated equipment so as to enable the Client’s personnel to operate preventive and corrective maintenance effectively.

All trainings are provided by skilled and experienced trainers who understand thoroughly the applicable aspects of the system.

Training includes as a minimum, a package to introduce the concepts of the new MHS, system and associated equipment, classroom lectures and practical training.

Trainer Training

ALS provides a comprehensive training program and documentation of sufficient detail to enable a limited number of staff to attain a level of proficiency whereby they may conduct internal training courses.

The training programs as above shall cover all practical operations and technical aspects of the MHS.

A separate training program, as above, is also performed for the operation of the security system.

ALS provides the Training in Several languages for all Clients’convenience.

Operational Training

ALS provides a comprehensive training program for all personnel to be employed in the operation of the equipment system.

The training referred to above includes but not be limited to:

  • Comprehensive operating procedures (mechanical, electrical, controls, IT, etc.)
  • Emergency operating procedures (emergency stop zones & emergency stop button positions, system shut down and restarting under all levels of control, etc.)
  • Equipment safety, identification of hazards, etc.
  • Do's & Don'ts for the MHE system

Training Introduction

ALS ensures that the training provided shall enable any of the Client’s staff working at the System have sufficient knowledge and are competent and self-reliant to plan, use, operate, test and maintain the system.

Apart from this goal, training topics also include machine safety and the inherent risk in operating, recovering and maintaining the system.

ALS ensures that the training courses provided are properly designed and documented and provide all related training documents to the trainees during the training sessions.

ALS ensures that the emphasis shall be given to practical training on the operational aspect of the System. Practical training is complimented by:

  1. a) Practical Sessions on operating all equipment used for the System;
  2. b) Practical Sessions on operating the System.

ALS also clearly specifies the category of staff for which the training course is intended and course objective on each training course.

ALS trainers for all relevant training courses and programs are qualified personnel with extensive experience.

Training Coverage

System Testing Aspects

The training will enable the Client’s staff to gain the necessary knowledge to participate in the testing of the System and will cover:

  1. a) Testing procedures;
  2. b) Use of testing documents;
  3. c) Verification of accuracy and consistency of data generated by the System.

Training Schedule

ALS ensures that trainings are conducted without disrupting normal operations. All trainings are completed before the handover.

Training Types

  • Trainer Training
  • Operational Training

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