The impact of COVID-19 on air cargo industry and e-commerce sector

Not just post covid-19, but even previously Air Cargo has been a vital partner in delivering much-needed medicines, medical equipment (including spare parts/repair components), and in keeping global supply chains functioning for the most time-sensitive materials.

The effect on the overall air freight logistics industry is noteworthy and will influence the business' capacity to recuperate from COVID-19. Some industries such as life science, agro-food or e-commerce have done really well during the pandemic, while others including flowers and fashion have done very poorly. Overall, there was an increased positive attitude towards air cargo as some industries have had to best months ever.

Organizations with extended supply chains and low stock levels were hit particularly hard and, subsequently, many will decide to keep up higher stock levels as a safety measure, particularly for fundamental industry sectors like pharmaceuticals and FMCG.

The implementation of prolonged social distancing and ‘Work from Home’ measures worldwide will have a lasting and beneficial effect on the e-commerce industry, a directly proportional impact to the logistics and air-cargo division generally.

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