All about inspiration in Engineering

We don’t need an inspiration to start our day: we need a cup of coffee to make the great automation!

Structure and alignment, schemes and accuracy, calculation and absence of mistake – that is what engineering about. Yes, we design Automation. There are rules and must-follow principles, there is high precision, and there are laws. However, there is still space for creativity.

Not each project is alike, not every customer has the same requirements. Creativity comes when we need to project the future, to understand the best and the most valuable solution for this particular space, whether it is warehouse of car park area. Initial conditions play a huge role in engineering: it gives the runway for ideas to elaborate the tailor-made solution that will serve the clients’ needs not only for this particular moment, but with the focus on the next development plan.

We start the clients meeting with the questions. We analyse the past, observe the present and forecast the future. It is essential to wear the clients’ shoes.

FAST. That is what defines the modern world. We eat fast, we drive fast, and we want the work be fast. The Automated solutions are made to increase the operations’ speed to allow the world move fast and avoid the mistakes.

In the world of fast decision, ALS provides the ergonomic solutions for material handling, air cargo and car park systems. We value the time, we know the cost of mistakes, and we are engineers.