Like it or not, we strongly believe in Automation

Starting a new year is always exciting. Holding last year figures in one hand and ambitions, resolutions and targets in another gives us a chance to think about ALS plans 2017. And yes, we still plan to Automate!

In the age of progress and innovation, modern world is searching for solutions that maximize efficiency and boost the profit. A logistics is not an exception. Robotics, Internet of Things, drones, driverless vehicles, autonomous vessels, consumerization of sensor technologies and move toward 5G wireless communications illustrate the need of prompt and reliable logistic service.

In ALS we do automation: we provide material handling solutions, air cargo equipment and car park systems. As no one else, we know the value of accuracy and engineering proficiency. When it comes to automation, millisecond does matter; when it comes to operations, improved results speak louder than any promised sales statements.

Regional market has showed that a lot of contracts had been cancelled or put on hold, most of them indefinitely. Unexpectedly ALS major customers affected by the low oil prices and in turn the whole supply chain and logistics market was affected.

Automation requires significant investments. It is essential to conduct research, evaluate the potential and predict the results – consultancy will minimize and almost exclude the risks of mistakes. It is always a good idea to learn from case studies, ask advice and apply the knowledge to your field with the help of reputed solution providers.

Even though market conditions are challenging, technology development and focus on automation allow us to remain positive in 2017.

Always remember, automation magnify the productivity only in efficient operations.